Dress Code

You may be wondering if Las Vegas has a dress code, and depending on where you go, it does.
While you will find that most places accept casual attire, it is always a good idea to
“Dress to impress, and look your best.” You spend a lot of money on your Las Vegas vacation
to make it a memorable and exciting experience, why not dress it up and show yourself off
while you enjoy dazzling Las Vegas and everything it has to offer.  



Be aware that there are strict dress codes enforced at ALL nightclubs in Las Vegas.
The attire you are expected to wear is considered upscale and fashionable.
Keep in mind the better dressed you are, the better service you will receive
and the more attention you will get. (This pretty much applies to anywhere you go in Las Vegas.)


What you CANNOT wear in the nightclub:

  1. Athletic wear (yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras, etc.)
  2. Backpacks and oversized bags (you may bring a small purse/clutch)
  3. Ripped jeans, baggy jeans, khakis, sweatpants, capris, cut-offs
  4. Hats, bandanas, hooded sweatshirts
  5. Flip-flops, open back sandals, sneakers, work boots, tennis shoes

** Please note: For night-swims, you cannot wear any lewd or indecent bathing suits.
Bring a cover-up. Towels are provided.

** For some daytime pool parties, sandals, shorts and casual attire are permitted.
Other pool clubs are stricter, believe it or not. Some ultra day lounges even have
topless pool parties. Check in advance what is acceptable to wear before arriving
or baring it all! Again, bring a cover-up with you.


The general casino areas have no dress code. Whether you are walking around,
checking out the sights, gambling, eating or getting a drink at the bar, you can wear
whatever you like within reason. Relax and Enjoy! Most people will dress comfortably,
but if you plan to wander into a high stakes gambling area it is best to dress smart casual.


Most casual restaurants in Las Vegas have no dress code but if you plan on making
reservations to a finer dining establishment then be aware that they expect you to
arrive well dressed. Smart, business casual is standard. While you may see other
people dressed down, it is better to treat the evening as a special occasion and wear
an appropriate and classy outfit.

** Please note: Some fine dining restaurants are fancier and stricter than others and
formal attire is enforced and not an option.


Afternoon shows in Las Vegas are pretty casual. You will see many people wearing
shorts, t-shirts and sandals to these events. This is completely acceptable and
seems to be the current day norm. Some lounges, however, are more upscale and
dressing up to attend is appropriate. Evening events are considered a little classier.
While you may ultimately wear what you like, most people prefer to dress up before
attending an evening show. You don’t need to dress in formal attire, but a sharp looking
outfit will make you feel stunning and help create the perfect magical evening. 


Lastly, if you have any uncertainty regarding what to wear and specific dress code policies,
it is best to contact the appropriate venue before arriving. There’s nothing more embarrassing
than waiting in line only to be turned down because of what you wore.
To be on the safe side, plan to dress nicely for every event that you attend.
This will ensure your entry and make your Las Vegas vacation a memorable and fun one!